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Pike County Sheriff's Office Adds Online Pistol Permit System


Pike County Sheriff's Office Adds Online Pistol Permit System to Website

Sheriff Russell Thomas released today the Pike County Sheriff's Office has added an online Pistol Permit system to their website. This online system allows the community members to apply for pistol permits 24 hours a day, seven days a week (previously they were only available during Sheriff's Office business hours); do renewals online rather than having to go to the Sheriff's Office in person; and receive email reminders when their permit is up for renewal. Users who apply for a permit will receive a text or email notification when their permit is ready.

"We have moved to the on-line system to better accommodate our citizens," said Sheriff Russell Thomas. "We like the flexibility of online pistol permits, so that community members don't have to take off work to come in during the week; pistol permits purchased online will be mailed to you."

People can access the Pistol Permit system by visiting

In light of the global pandemic, the online application process is helpful to the community to maintain the social distancing protocols currently in place.

Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas also suggests that Pike County citizens sign up for alerts notifications via email and/or text through the Sheriff's Office website (, to stay up to date on local changes and rules related to COVID-19.

For more information about the Pistol Permit online system, please contact the Pike County Sheriff's Office at 334-566-4347 or visit