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Dive Team

Dive Team 2021

Left to Right: Lt. Troy Johnson, Deputy Sean Smith, Corrections Officer Karl Pollack.


Investigator Troy Johnson has been diving since 1992. He received his YMCA open water certification through Troy State University.  Investigator Johnson has been with the Sheriff's Department since 1996. He has participated on a number of dives including searching for a fisherman that drowned in the Pea River, a hand-gun that was thrown in the Lagoon at Troy University and a submerged vehicle that was in the Conecuh River.

Deputy Sean Smith has been diving since 2000. He received his certification through Adventure Diving in Conyers, Georgia, and has over 260 hours of underwater experience.

Officer Karl Pollack received his open water dive certification in April 2012. Since that time he has performed a number of dives from the Florida Springs to the Gulf of Mexico. He joined the Pike County Sheriffs department in November 2013 and was added to the Dive Team the following Spring. Since being added he has assisted in the recovery of a truck from a pond on Smart Rd that was involved in a motor vehicle accident.